What are the types of rodent snap traps?

Rodent snap traps are usually meant to trap or kill small rodents such as rats and mice and are widely available for purchase both online and offline. There are a range of different manufacturers and brands but essentially geared to work in the same way. Discussed below are some types that are available on Amazon.

LuvisR Mouse Trap

This snap trap is made with plastic and galvanized steel and uses a trigger mechanism to catch the mouse. This device measures 2 inches wide by 4 inches long with a bar height of approximately 2 inches high, basically manufactured for small rodents. Included is a removeable bait cup for add food to lure the rodent and the entire device can be washed and reused. To set up, simply squeeze back the shorter steel bar until it clips and stays. Add bait to the bait cup such as peanut butter, cheese, bread etc. and place in corners and areas where you expect the mouse to trail. There is a pedal mechanism on the top of the device that would trigger the steel bar to propel forward, catching the object immediately. Clean-up is also easy; one squeeze and the rodent would be released. These sell for US$14.45 for a 4-pack and includes a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. This type of snap trap is more traditional.

ProCatcher Snap Trap

This device is similar to the one featured above, the only difference is the capturing tool. Instead of a thin steel rod, the manufactures built a plastic mouth covering that clamps down on the rodent. Its edges on the top and bottom are sharp, jagged teeth, designed to kill the rodent easily. According to its description, it is suitable for killing a mice, mouse, small rat, chipmunk, squirrels, voles and other similar-sized animals. It retails for US$8.99 plus shipping for a 4-pack.

CaptSure Humane Rodent Trap

Unlike the other snap traps above, this device does not harm the rodent. It is designed as a long compartment with a trap door. Bait is placed far inside the tube to lure the rodent which would then enter the trap, triggering the door to close. There is no way to escape and the animal remains alive. The animal can be released in a better suited environment, far away from other buildings. This manufacturer included a lifetime warranty and an e-book with tips and tricks. A 2-pack supply is available for US$13.99 and it is reusable.

Abco Tech Electric Humane Mouse Trap Bait

This tool is similar to the CaptSure Humane Rodent Trap described above with a less humanitarian feature. It works with batteries or electricity to emit a 7000-volt electric shock to the rodent, instantly killing it. Once the rodent is inside, you simply open the trap door with a button and release the dead animal in the bin. The manufacturer claims this is humane as well as child-safe. It retails for US$38.97 and can work either plugged in or with batteries. It is reusable but only the inside where the rodent enters, can be washed.

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